Starting a Career in the Construction Industry

Construction jobs are not only challenging and fulfilling but are also rewarding, monetarily speaking. It’s a multi-billion industry. The key movers in this kind of business are construction managers or constructors. These refer to the managers and leaders that have enough experience, knowledge, and skills to plan, design, and construct any structural project. These projects may be civil, industrial, commercial, or residential.

To get into the construction industry, it is highly recommended to get a degree in serves as a solid foundation towards your goal as a construction manager. Through schooling, you will gain enough knowledge on construction design, techniques, and business management, among others Construction Management graduates are in demand in the construction industry. Expect a good starting salary. You can either work as a general contractor or a subcontractor. There are a lot of options where you can take on a job including construction firms, architectural companies, construction suppliers, or government offices. At the entry level, there are a lot of construction jobs that you can choose from. You can be an assistant estimator, cost or field engineer, scheduler, project engineer, assistant project manager, or work in the firm’s admin department. The possibilities are endless. Promotions are fast-paced in the construction industry. With just the right amount of dedication and years of experience, it is not long before you can be known as an expert constructor.

By the time you reached your goal as a construction manager, there are a lot of things expected from you. You must be available 24 hours a day to handle all kinds of responsibilities and emergencies. You should plan, design, direct and coordinate single or multiple construction projects at any given time. As a construction manager, it is your responsibility to schedule and organizes all construction processes. You are also tasked to select and look over trade contractors and suppliers.

Construction managers are not usually directly involved in the actual process of constructing a structure, although there may be companies that may require you to do so. In civil constructions like building roads, bridges, or buildings, on top of the managing part of their job, construction managers are also responsible for the safety of the people that worked at the construction site and the general public. Construction managers are also required to work and coordinate with other people including architects, engineers, suppliers, and other people involved in the project. Commercial and industrial structures may require you to work with these people in terms of site preparation, sewage systems, structural framework, building systems, and electrical, among other things.

The ultimate goal of any employee is to do the same job they are doing along with the prestige of having their own company. It is every construction manager’s goal to have his or her own construction company. You start small and set up a home building company in your neighborhood. The years of experience and the knowledge you gained in your construction job can make a stable and solid foundation in starting your own construction company. With enough patience and dedication, there is no limit to the number of homes and structures you will be building in the not-so-distant future.