How Do Remote Controlled Roman Blinds Work

Roman blinds are a window treatment or embellishment which are comprised of fabric. When not in use, the fabric folds into pleats. These window treatments are also commonly referred to as “Roman shades” and “fabric shades”.

About Roman Blinds

Though Roman blinds differ in size and shape, most are constructed of plain, solid fabric. This fabric might be linen, cotton, hemp, or even silk. Some are made of other materials, which allow for outdoor use. Typically, the fabric is fitted with horizontal slats. These slats are connected to a cord and pulley system. When the cord is pulled, the slats fold the blinds into large or small pleats. Once the cord is released, the fabric falls, covering the window pane.

Some made-to-measure Roman blinds are fitted with a backing material or liner. This second material is concealed behind the top material. The liner or backing material helps to block sunlight, making the blinds or shades more opaque. It likewise acts as an insulator. Liners and backing material greatly inhibit harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the home. Other Roman shades are fitted with excess material to make pleats appear even when lowered.

How Remote Controlled Roman Blinds Work

Remote-controlled Roman blinds incorporate small motors which roll or unroll the operation cord. These small motors are manipulated with remotes. Remotes are powered by batteries. Generally, a remote will operate on “AA” or “AAA” batteries.
The remote contains a transmitter that is “tuned” to the motor’s receiver. The receiver is also battery-powered and may use larger batteries such as “C” and “D” sizes. Like a garage door opener, when the user points the remote at the blinds and depresses the button, an electronic signal is sent to the receiver. The receiver interprets the signal and raises or lowers the blinds.

Though models differ by manufacturer, the operating distance is generally large. Most remote-controlled blinds can be controlled from as far as 15.24 meters away.

Advantages to Remote Controlled Blinds

The biggest advantage to using remote-controlled blinds is being able to cover a large or tall window. The operator does not have to stand on a ladder or use a rod to raise or lower the blinds. Moreover, remote-controlled blinds allow a homeowner to control the amount of sunlight coming into space.

Another advantage of remote-controlled blinds is the ability to raise or lower the blinds without physically touching them. The motor is set at a pace to make the pleats even when closed. This can be difficult to accomplish by hand.

Roman blinds are also custom-sized, custom color, custom pattern, and easy to clean. Many Roman blinds can be machine or hand washed.

Remote-controlled Roman shades are ideal for any interior space. Blinds that are made of bamboo beautify outdoor spaces and reduce the heat. Regardless of the application, remote-controlled blinds are a sound investment for any homeowner. Not only do these window treatments block sunlight, but they also provide instant privacy at the touch of a button.